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Inspections and Repairs

If you have any concerns about your chimney or fireplace please give Ashley a call. With 14 years of experience Ashley will be happy to arrange an inspection and give you a professional evaluation. 
Click here for the The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)’s 
inspection level descriptions.


Chief Sweep uses state of the art video inspection equipment!





We now offer a video inspection service to our customers, this service is a very detailed with a color examination of the chimney, upon completion of the inspection you will get a hard copy of the inspection report, as well as a personalized C.D. Please call for an estimate for this service. 

video scan

What's a Video Scan?
A video scan is where a camera system is lowered into the chimney (or pushed up from the bottom). The camera allows an inspection of the chimney from a range of just a few inches instead of just looking from the top or bottom. The camera image is viewed on a laptop monitor by the inspector. 

If the customer or technician suspect certain problems, a video inspections may be recommended. It’s also used if one would like valid evidence of needed repairs. Video inspections are often recommended after a chimney fire or some other form of damage to a chimney, and are a routine part of a Level II or Level III inspection.


Chimney fire
One of the things that video inspections point out is cracks in flue tiles and missing mortar joints where sparks or flames can get through or where heat transference will be maximized. Chimney fires take lives, destroy property and cause devastation. Anything that can be done to promote the safety of our customers will be used. Video inspection systems work. They are effective in discovering internal defects of the chimney undetectable by visual inspection.

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